Third Party Service Providers

In-country service providers and consultancies may establish a 'virtual storefront' in any given country via the Artha platform, thereby opening new opportunities for generating revenue. Local business service providers are able to bid on 'tenders' or 'requests for proposals' issued by investors outside of India who seek support in appraising and closing their transactions. Feedback on third party profiles (as on all profiles) is enabled, and bidders are able to propose information about their capabilities, timeframes, scope of work and pricing on a project by project basis.


Third parties enrolled in the system set up a 'virtual storefront' and are able to both increase their visibility and be contacted directly through the system for 'requests for work/proposals' by investors. Investors in this scenario are keen to conduct due diligence or undertake other aspects of execution on an investment transaction, and often need help in this process.


Artha is on a quest to support the management of transaction costs around investment processes. Third party service providers on Artha are empowered to make bids on pieces of work that they feel they are well suited to undertake. This means that as they put themselves forward as a service provider, they are encouraged to articulate their core competencies, as well as pricing, timing, and resource allocation information to help an investor choose appropriate execution partners.


All third parties working on a portion of diligence, analysis or legal input are able to receive direct feedback from their 'clients' regarding their level of satisfaction for services rendered. Feedback may also be visible on third party user profiles, thereby allowing for the development of reputation on the basis of a “5 –star system" visible only within the Artha community network.

Join as a Third Party Service Provider

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