Investors work best in an environment of trust, and Artha platform was designed by investors for investors – for those interested in lowering transaction costs to maximize the range of their investment opportunities and their reach. Working on the Artha Platform helps reduce the cost, increase the quality of, and expand the flow of deals. Investors also enjoy greater support for their due diligence and oversight tasks on their portfolio companies. All of this occurs in a private, password-protected environment. Artha enables better and more frequent syndication of investments, helping investors find like-minded peers interested in an impact portfolio, and increasing the chances of success for these businesses.

Find Deals

The Artha platform is currently deployed in India where it brings together 150+ members by invitation at present (including 50+ impact investors) and aims to activate the 200+ profiles of all companies who have applied to the Artha Venture Challenge since 2013. Artha is a closed, password-protected, investment and business information system that supports more efficient information sharing in the ecosystem.


The Artha platform technology is a “by invitation only" system incorporating a highly secure encrypted online environment; Artha provides an investor-centric document repository for deal information and due diligence. All user profile types support feedback on performance. Deal flow can always be attributed to its source, regardless of type of entity.

Due Diligence

Artha enables a modular approach to due diligence, thereby allowing various users to collaboratively aggregate key information about potential investees. The due diligence template is comprised of tools and methods employed by experienced impact investors. Current templates are fully customizable and provide guidance on company analysis, target population analysis, company governance/management, financial analysis, financial management, funding strategy, industry/market analysis, customer base analysis, business opportunity analysis, technology analysis, social impact analysis, risk assessment, investment proposition, legal analysis, and required documentation checklists.

Join as an Investor

For indvidual Investors or institutions looking for investment in some of the most exciting social ventures in India. The Artha Platform is a by invite-only network designed to enable those who are dedicated to moving impact capital to inspiring social businesses in India.