Enterprise Support Organizations

ESOs are in-country AND/OR international accelerator / incubator organizations that provide local technical and other assistance to startups. Such support ranges from specific legal, accounting, logistics, marketing, and human resources services, to physical incubator or accelerator space.


Artha platform is here to support the visibility of the companies you identify and cultivate. We enable a systematic outreach to the investor community who may know generally about (but does not always have access to) your ongoing achievements as an accelerator/incubator.


Improve the financing track record of the entrepreneurs you work with, and help us help you showcase the capacity support and investment readiness that you have enabled. Much of this social entrepreneurship ecosystem rides on the efforts of incubators that are often not sufficiently acknowledged in the longer term once financing rounds begin in earnest.


Help propel the entrepreneurs you work with to the next level, and provide us feedback in what you as an ESO may require moving forward to continue doing what you do.

Join as an Enterprise Support Organization

For individuals or organizations keen on providing support to and opening doors for some of the most motivated and driven social entrepreneurs in India. Please register to set up your ESO profile.