Setting up and building a high impact enterprise in India is challenging, and raising investment can be a long and painful journey. It is well known that fundraising can easily take 3x longer than you think it will, and the rigor and pain of the investment process - depending on who you work with - can bring significant stress to a bootstrapped promoter team. Artha is in its early days, and is on a learning curve to help support driven entrepreneurs to more efficiently contact and engage with multiple (impact) investors focused on India. There's no need to replicate the same due diligence exercise multiple times. Join us on Artha and let's try to change the way financing happens.

Information Management

While the top level information you provide as an enterprise is visible to the network (including your name, sector, location and logo), all subsequent information you contribute is visible only to investors, and not to peers on the pipeline. You may step away from any due diligence process initiated in your company at your prerogative.

Live Pitch

In an attempt to make Artha Platform more dynamic for enterprises, entrepreneurs may update news about recent accomplishment or milestones in a 'live pitch' which appears directly on Investor dashboards.


The Artha partnership with Villgro (based in Chennai) is a key advantage and offering that we hope will further strengthen our contribution to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India. Please note that all AVC activities moving forward beyond 2015 will be fully managed and overseen by our in-country, highly experience partners.

Join as an Entrepreneur

For founders of early stage ventures delivering social and/or environmental impact. Please register in order to be considered for listing on the Artha Pipeline.