About Us

The Artha Platform ("Artha" or "Artha Platform") is an online community and website dedicated to building relationships between impact investors and donors, and social entrepreneurs and capacity building support organizations (all "Sector Participants" or "Artha community") working on or in India. It is an independent initiative supported by RCZ ("Rianta Capital Zurich" or "RCZ").

How the Artha Platform works

Artha offers a closed, secure space for all Sector Participants keen on supporting the work of small and growing enterprises in India. It grows by invitation only, and there is no fee to join. Investors seeking to gain greater understanding and comfort with enterprises listed on the project pipeline may work with these Third Parties or alternatively choose to complete due diligence themselves. This fee is transacted offline. All revenues that may be generated by Artha are designated for covering the operating costs of the website.

Activity on the Artha Platform is undertaken within a small cluster of practitioners who tend to know one another and who work closely together; disclosure regarding progress on contracted due diligence activities is thus a fundamental basis for the operation of the website, and is based on an 'honor code'. Users are expected to generally uphold transparency and information sharing as core values of this community. Please see terms and conditions for further detail. Should an investor choose to conduct due diligence in-house or with a party external to the platform, no fees are charged.

You must be connected to an organization in each of the following core activity groups to have access:

  1. Impact Investors within this online community can find information about the Base of the Pyramid ("BoP") sectors in India and better coordinate on knowledge sharing, learning and due diligence;
  2. Entrepreneurs can make sure that their enterprises are given exposure to the most active, serious impact investor base; and
  3. Intermediaries specializing in due diligence, business development and capacity building can bid on projects as they become available and build their businesses.

The platform offers Ultra High Net Worth ("UHNW") individuals and their family offices, social funds, and foundations the opportunity to use our web architecture and apply it to the country/ies of their choice. Contact us now if you'd like to set up a new Country Window.